prairie chaseThat's one of the many ways to describe Prairie Chase, a residential development located in Bourbonnais that is truly "a place to come home to" for today's family with all the urban amenities.

Prairie Chase of Bourbonnais, Illinois You could also describe Prairie Chase as a highly desirable alternative to city or suburban living that doesn't require giving up the pleasures of metropolitan area life; as a haven for raising a family away from the undesirable aspects of the urban area, without getting too far from the stimulation and enjoyment the big city offers, as uncrowded, but close to "where the action is".

Composed primarily of single-family homes, with some cluster residential development and a planned small area of convenience-oriented commercial establishments, Prairie Chase retains both the scale and the character of the adjoining Kankakee and Bradley communities only 298 dwellings will be built on 120 acre lots along the gently curving streets of this newest addition to the more than century-old town.

Families deciding to relocate to Prairie Chase from the city or suburbs will find that in the vital area of community services, Bourbonnais is an up and coming town - schools are excellent and offer a level of individual attention to the student that is impossible in larger communities. Police and fire services are staffed with well-trained personnel and the latest equipment. Property values are maintained by strict enforcement of modem zoning and building codes, and by careful attention to maintenance of streets and other community infrastructure.

Blending the best of both worlds - the relaxed pace and friendly atmosphere of a town in the country with convenience of location and ease of access to all the urban amenities - Prairie Chase in Bourbonnais is truly "a place to come home to" for today's family.

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